Find out some steps you can take to make a difference

Affected Films is partnering with La Isla Foundation in order to connect consumers to workers and bring direct aid to those affected by the terrible practices in the banana industry. A film is a great start but it clearly is not enough. Therefore we have undertaken the Banana Land Campaign. Follow the links above under Take Action to learn more about how you can support this effort.

1. Educating Consumers with Banana Land Film

Currently the team is finishing up filming in Ecuador and Colombia and working on animations that will be used in the film. The movie is expected to be released in Summer of 2011.

This film is just the beginning of a larger educational campaign to connect workers and consumers so that together we can improve the situation for those that live in the Banana Lands.

2. The Banana Workers Fund

The Banana Land Campaign’s first objective, after spreading the word via the film, is to support workers via the Banana Workers Fund. This fund will aid affected workers and communities throughout banana producing regions in the Americas.

The fund will be managed by
La Isla Foundation
. This Fund will facilitate programs as outlined by experts and community members in the Banana Lands. The bar for treatment of workers and their families must at least be set at dignity and as it stands now there is a long way to go.

*La Isla Site Being Updated, for more info contact Jason Glaser directly at

3. See things with your own eyes

With our partners at La Isla Foundation we’re offering a trip w/ the director and other crew members to Ecuador, the world’s largest Banana Exporter. We’ll show you first hand what we’ve witnessed and introduce you to some of the amazing people and organizations that are trying to make a difference.

For More Information regarding this trip, please contact Jason Glaser at
La Isla Foundation
and our
Facebook Group
. Space is limited

*La Isla Site Being Updated, for more info contact Jason Glaser directly at

4. Invite us to Speak

Once the film is released on DVD you can invite the filmmakers to share their film and engage in a Q and A and more.

Contact Jason Glaser at
to set up a event or screening.

5. Share your skills for a great cause

Volunteer with La Isla Foundation by working on the new Banana Land Campaign and Banana Workers Fund (link). Write Jason Glaser at
if you are interested in volunteering your time to help w/ research, media, capacity building, or community organizing

6. Get your friends involved

A tipping point and numbers are important. Invite your friends and family to the Twitter account and Facebook pages. Share what we’re doing with people you know. With enough numbers organized we can leverage the offending banana companies into engaging in more responsible practices. We cannot do this alone, we need the support of you and your network!