Support the Banana Land Film

Currently the team is finishing up filming in Ecuador and Colombia and working on animations that will be used in the film. The movie is expected to be released in Summer of 2013.

This film is just the beginning of a larger educational campaign to connect workers and consumers so that together we can improve the situation for those that live in the Banana Lands.

Please support the Banana Land Film by making a tax deductible donation for USA residents at Fractured Atlas. Residents of other countries may certainly use Fractured Atlas to donate but the donations will not be tax deductible in your home country.

Write Jason Glaser at to set up a screening of the film and a Banana Land Event when the film is completed.

Support workers and their communities through the Banana Land Workers Fund

Programs Under Development are:

  • Colombia: Economic and Psychological help for those affected by AUC paramilitary violence in Colombia.
  • Ecuador: Transport for special needs children to clinics and therapy and community organizing and human rights education for workers.
  • Nicaragua and other Central American Countries: Financial Assistance for childless men affected by DBCP
  • Media training: We want to enable those affected to reach out to the wider world and share their own stories online and in their own communities.

More coming for Honduaras, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.

La Isla Foundation is managing the fund and is a 501-c-3 certified organization. Therefore, all donations for U.S. residents are tax deductible.

There are three ways you can donate to the Banana Workers Fund:

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Write a check and send it to:

Banana Workers Fund at La Isla Foundation
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Ada, MI 49301